Turf Equipment Wiki is open for all to contribute. You may contribute anonymously, or you may create an account. By choosing to contribute, you agree to follow all site policies and guidelines. The following policies and guidelines apply at all times and are enforced by Turf Equipment Wiki administration team members:

Administrative actionEdit

Should you be found in violation of one or more of the above listed policies or guidelines, you may be subject to the following actions:

  • Warning - a warning from an administrator may be left on your user talk page.
  • Chat ban - for violations that occur in chat. Depending on the violation, you may also receive a site block.
    • 1st offense - 1 week chat ban.
    • 2nd offense - 1 month chat ban.
    • 3rd offense - Lifetime chat ban.
  • Site block - for violations of the site policies.
    • 1st offense - 1 week site block.
    • 2nd offense - 1 month site block.
    • 3rd offense - Lifetime site block.

All administrative actions are up to the discretion of the administrators. If you wish to discuss any administrative actions, please use Board:Administrative action appeals. Appeals left on individual administrator's or chat moderator's talk pages will directed to this forum.

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