User conduct policiesEdit

  • All user conduct policies apply in all parts of the Turf Equipment Wiki, including chat, forums and blogs.
  • The Turf Equipment Wiki is an encyclopedia of turf maintenance equipment. It is imperative that encyclopedias refrain from anything other than a neutral point of view. Check your opinions at the door. If you have something bad to say about any specific person, place or thing, say it somewhere else. This is not the place to trash a brand, or spread your horror stories about a specific piece of equipment.
Wikia Terms of Use application

All user conduct provisions of Wikia's Terms of Use apply to the Turf Equipment Wiki, to include that you agree to:

  1. Maintain the security of your password and identification and to be fully responsible for all use of your account and for any actions that take place using your account.
  2. Not abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate other Wikia users.
  3. Not post or transmit any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or otherwise violates any law or right of any third party, or content that contains homophobia, ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, or encourages criminal conduct.
  4. Not attempt to impersonate another user or person.
  5. Not post any illegal or unauthorized content or use for any illegal or unauthorized purposes.
  6. Not post or transmit any communication or solicitation designed or intended to obtain password, account, or private information from any Wikia user.
  7. Not post, upload, transmit, share, or store unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, "spam", or any other type of unauthorized solicitation.
  8. Not solicit personal information from any user under the age of 18.
  9. Not violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws and laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content).
  10. Not post advertisements or solicitations of business.
General conduct
  1. Do not vandalize, troll, flame or spam. If you're here to constructively help out, thank you. If you are not, and wish to be divisive or disruptive, don't. Do not intentionally disrupt the editors working hard to improve this wiki.
  2. Do not deviate from Neutral Point of View. Do not be show any bias in your editing or comments.
  3. Do not plagiarize. Do not copy content from other sites or authors without permission. Copyrighted images, videos and other materials are not allowed under any circumstance.
  4. Do not misuse article talk pages. Article talk pages are for discussing improvements to the article only, not for general conversation about the topic of the article. Feel free to start a thread in the appropriate forum if you desire to discuss and particular article's topic. Off-topic comments not related to article improvement will be removed from article talk pages.
  5. Do not use obtrusive signatures. Custom signatures are allowed, but must be no larger than 25 pixels high and may only include links to your user page, user talk page and user edit count. Long phrases like quotes or custom formatting that breaks a normal line height's formatting are not allowed.
  6. Do not abuse multiple accounts. People need to know who they are talking to. Create an account and stick to it. The use of multiple account is confusing and using multiple accounts to evade a chat ban or site block is strictly forbidden.
  7. Do not edit war. Be willing to discuss your changes with others. If you disagree with another editor, discuss the issue either on user or article talk pages. Repeatedly reverting each other's changes ("edit warring") is bound to escalate the conflict instead of solving it. If you cannot reach a consensus, ask another user to mediate. In general, if someone reverts an edit you made, you should not re-add it without reaching a consensus on the article's talk page.
  8. Do not edit others' user spaces. Users are free to create profiles on their user pages to tell us more about them, and may often use pages in their namespace for work or others needs. You may only edit another user's namespace by communicating with them on their user talk page.
  9. Do not edit other users' comments. Editing or removing other users' comments on talk pages, forums or blogs is only allowed when the removal is in compliance with other policies, e.g. "Do not misuse article talk pages".
Administrator and chat moderator conduct
  1. Be fair and consistent. Administrators and chat moderators have been granted extra tools and rights to help keep things running smoothly. Always assume good faith and give editors the benefit of the doubt. Always treat other users with respect, civility and proper decorum.
  2. Do not abuse your administrator or chat moderator tools. Never abuse your tools or extra rights to "win" a dispute or unfairly target another user.

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