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  • I live in On the back porch, smoking cigars and smiting sock
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is I fix stuff
  • I am M
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    I do stuff on the wiki. And I sit in chat. And watch discussions. And the recent changes feed. It's my job to make sure everyone has a good experience at Nukapedia, except for trolls. Those I block. And their sock puppets. Blocking sock puppets is fun.
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  • The Gunny

    Community update 2

    November 8, 2013 by The Gunny

    Welcome to the wiki. In this update, I will detail a number of things that I've gotten crossed off of the to-do list since community update 1:

    • Revamped the front page by adding some clickable icons for each equipment category. Also redid the general look of the front page. Hope it looks good.
    • Worked out the site's category tree. All categories now lead up through their parent categories to the browse category.
    • Completed infobox and navbox templates for all mowers. As pages are created, their links will be added to the navboxes.
    • Created a number of templates for either general or specific use on the wiki. Things like may be of interest.
    • Set up the article creation flow, with create boxes on the front page and article creation template links in …
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  • The Gunny

    Community update 1

    November 2, 2013 by The Gunny

    I've started two forums for begin discussion on the direction of this wiki. The first is to discuss the initial scope of the wiki. The second is to discuss some import site policies we'll need.

    As you can see from the recent changes activity feed, I've been working mostly on getting the initial lists of equipment fleshed out. Once that is done, we'll start making individual equipment pages.

    Add your thoughts to the forums, or leave me a message on my talk page if you have an idea or want to know what you can do to help out.

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