Welcome to the wiki. In this update, I will detail a number of things that I've gotten crossed off of the to-do list since community update 1:

  • Revamped the front page by adding some clickable icons for each equipment category. Also redid the general look of the front page. Hope it looks good.
  • Worked out the site's category tree. All categories now lead up through their parent categories to the browse category.
  • Completed infobox and navbox templates for all mowers. As pages are created, their links will be added to the navboxes.
  • Created a number of templates for either general or specific use on the wiki. Things like {{Userbox}} may be of interest.
  • Set up the article creation flow, with create boxes on the front page and article creation template links in the editor. These lead to pre-formatted articles. All you need to do is complete adding the information and publish.
  • I've written a number of equipment articles in full, like Toro Greensmaster 3050. I've also created stub articles for all the mowers listed on the Greens mowers, Fairway mowers, Surrounds mowers, Rough mowers and Rotary trim mowers overview pages.
  • Written out the site's policies.
  • Yet to do:
    • Create infoboxes and navboxes for the other types of equipment
    • Flush out the stub articles.

Now that I've got the majority of the site's infrastructure under control, I can concentrate on adding more content, starting with filling out some of the stub articles. Hopefully, this is where I can get some help. One of these days, a few folks will decide to start adding info to these pages with me. For now, I'll keep pressing along.

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